This free webinar is an opportunity for professionals working with preschool deaf children to find out about any new information and updates on how best to deliver services via telepractice. We will look at new research with regards to online learning and have an opportunity to discuss any questions you might have about telepractice.

For a number of years, AVUK has been delivering therapy sessions to families of preschool deaf children via a range of online platforms. Over the years we have noticed great benefits for families access their sessions via telepractice. This is echoed in research studies being carried out internationally whereby the delivery of family-centered early intervention via telepractice has equal benefits to that of intervention delivered in person by the therapist (Coufal, K. et. al., 2018; McCarthy, M. et. al., 2019, 2020). During these times we are all reviewing the way we deliver our practices, whether we are Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists or audiologists.

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