We are excited to be launching brand new online short courses this winter. All webinars will be hosted live with a certified Auditory Verbal therapist.

There are four webinars available to join; two with a focus on play and two with a focus on speech acoustics. Each webinar lasts for 90 minutes including a Q&A. 

The first webinar, taking place on the 11th November is available to join free of charge! You must still register below to secure your free place. 

If you are booking on behalf of someone else, please make sure you insert the delegates email address when prompted rather than your own. Access is granted via the email address given. 

Principles of Speech Acoustics: An in depth evaluation of the Ling Sounds

Monday 11th November 2019 10am (GMT) – FREE OF CHARGE

Detection tasks tell us that children are hearing, but not WHAT they are hearing. For that we need knowledge of speech acoustics and discrimination activities. Join us to learn about the basics of speech acoustics. Learn how to use and interpret the Six Ling Sounds diagnostically. Then use this information to review amplification settings.

This webinar compliments our Principles of Speech Acoustics – Clear Signal = Clear Speech online webinar on Monday 25th November 2019 at 10am (GMT)

Principles of Speech Acoustics: Clear Signal = Clear Speech

Monday 25th November 2019 10am (GMT)

In this webinar we will explore how clear speech is determined by the clarity of the signal and how listening to a speech sample can help us determine potential issues with a child’s amplification. Apply your knowledge of speech acoustics to evaluate deaf babies’ early vocalisations and babble as well as early speech and language of preschool deaf children.

This webinar compliments our Principles of Speech Acoustics – An in depth evaluation of the Ling Sounds online webinar on Monday 11th November 2020 at 10am (GMT)

Play Schema

Thursday 30th January 2020 10am (GMT)

Audition and play are at the heart of each Auditory Verbal therapy (AVT) session. In order for AVT to be effective we need to give the child the best-possible listening experience through the right technology and acoustic environment. Likewise, a child needs the best-possible playful experience to learn language.

Playing involves more than taking out a box of toys from the cupboard. Schematic pedagogy (Atherthon & Nutbrown, 2016) looks at how children’s play schema can be used to support their learning. In this webinar we will explore the latest research in play schemas and guided play and how this can be used to develop listening and spoken language strategies.

This webinar compliments our Three P’s of Play online webinar on Thursday 30th January 2020 at 2pm (GMT)

Three P’s of Play

Thursday 30th January 2020 2pm (GMT)

The workshop will also focus on the use of the ‘Three Ps principle’ as suggested by Ashton, L and Kenely, N, 2017 to help extend a child’s attention whilst playing by ensuring each game has the elements of a Process, Problems & Pragmatics.

This webinar compliments our Play Schema online webinar on Thursday 30th January 2020 at 10am (GMT)


The first webinar, An in depth evaluation of the Ling Sounds, is being hosted for free! Each webinar after that is available for £45.

Joining the online courses

These courses are hosted using Microsoft Skype for Business. You will be emailed one week before with a link to join the course.

To avoid any issues at the time of the webinar, we recommend to test the link at least one hour before the course starts. Although there should not be any issues with the hosting platform, we recommend using a Windows PC, rather than a Mac, if at all possible. A reliable, fast broadband connection and freely available software is required.

More information about accessing the webinar will be sent alongside the link one week before the start of the course.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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Clear Signal = Clear Speech

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Three P’s of Play

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