Timmy loves messy play, so we can use that to help him follow a plan in two steps and understand action words like pour and wipe

These are the self-generated take-home messages from 18 month-old Timmy’s family following his ‘messy play’ AV session.  Prior to the session, the family was worried about how much Timmy seemed to enjoy making a mess and getting his hands dirty rather than playing with his toy train. Slimy, sticky, greasy, with red paint stains on his cheeks, Timmy’s family leave the session feeling excited about the functional ideas they’ve learned: how to use empty containers, leftover baby cereal, food colouring, water and empty hand towel rolls to enhance Timmy’s play and work on the above take-home messages.  All while Timmy has the best time!

Join us for a free 30-minute workshop on how to utilise sensory play (Gascoyne, 2019, Stephens, 2020)  to achieve the LSL goals we have set for the families we see. 

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