Andrew trained at the Guildford School of Acting, becoming a busy classical actor, touring the length and breadth of the UK for approaching a decade. A fateful hiatus, working for Virgin Atlantic, saw Andrew travel the world and meet his wife to be and the future mother to their son, Sam.

Born profoundly deaf, Sam received cochlear implants just before his first birthday. Early intervention with AVT enabled Sam to attain age-appropriate speech and attend mainstream Primary School.

For some time now, Andrew has been pursuing the second of his career ambitions - in Westminster. He brings to the board a critical eye for detail from working alongside Ministers and Civil Servants, at the Home Office.

His first-hand experience of the profoundly, life-changing skills and support available to families from the exceptionally talented specialists at AVUK, proves a keen driver to continually improve and expand the outreach of what was ultimately a lifeline of hope for his very own family.