The next UK Parliament and Government must be a champion for deaf children.

Ahead of the UK General Election taking place on Thursday 4 July, please ask your prospective parliamentary candidates to champion deaf children and support our Hear Us Now campaign.

Our Hear Us Now campaign is calling on UK governments to invest in early and effective support for all deaf children, whether their families choose to communicate with spoken language, sign language or both, including Auditory Verbal therapy for those families who want their child to learn to listen and talk. 

At present over 90% of the 7,200 deaf children under the age of five in the UK that could benefit are unable to access Auditory Verbal therapy. Our campaign aims to address the current inequality of access to this specialist support to ensure every family who wants their child to learn to listen and talk is able to access it through publicly funded services where they live.

Support the campaign today with these 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Find your local candidates  


Find our who your prospective parliamentary candidates for the upcoming UK General Election are and their contact details here ( 


Step 2: Contact your candidates  


The easiest way to contact Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (or PPCs) is via email.  


Use our template email/letter to get started and adapt with your personal details as you wish.  


Remember, PPCs will only respond to correspondence from their constituents, so you need to include your postal address and postcode when you email or write to them. 


Step 3: Keep us updated  

Please let us know who you have contacted and any response you receive, by forwarding your email to [email protected]. This helps us know who has been contacted about our campaign.


Thank you!