We want to ensure that all deaf children have the opportunity of accessing Auditory Verbal therapy close to where they live.

To be able to achieve this, we are improving awareness of our services for families of deaf children and the professionals who support them, whilst raising expectations of what deaf children can achieve

We are running a number of workshops across the UK and would love for you to join us at an On Your Doorstep event near you! See upcoming tour dates here.

How it works

The On Your Doorstep project is a touring programme of workshops for families and professionals supporting deaf children. Our outreach team tour the country in a number of different locations, to help reach those who may not be familiar with Auditory Verbal therapy.

On Your Doorstep is delivered over one day. This day is split in two, with a morning session for families, and an afternoon session for education and health professionals. 

Teaching my child to listen and speak

An introductory workshop for families who have a child with permanent hearing loss under the age of five.

Closing the language gap

A workshop for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge on ‘closing the language gap’ in pre-school children with hearing loss.

All of our On Your Doorstep workshops are delivered by a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist and a member of our family support team.

Find an On Your Doorstep session near you.

How it is funded

We are extremely grateful to the generous trusts and foundations who have supported the development of the project and for investing in the future of deaf children in the UK.