Claire Campbell is the mother of three children, two of whom have Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder. They are both bilaterally implanted.
With both her children taking part in the programme, Claire understands the impact that AVT can have on changing lives.

Claire was a Senior Analyst for a FTSE-250 investment manager, specialising in new media and telecommunications. Claire’s role also included responsibility for fundraising and investor relations and she was part of the team that grew the business to €5 billion under management in 10 years. Claire is a Director of an international recruitment consultancy and is on the fundraising committee of a local independent school in Surrey. She became a Trustee of AVUK in 2011 and was Chair of the Board in October 2013 to March 2020.

During her time as a trustee and Chair, Claire drew on her personal experience of attending AVUK’s family programme with two of her young children and championed the development of the family bursary scheme to increase access to AVT for all. She led the Board during a time of significant growth for the charity following the October Club partnership in 2014 which enabled AVUK to expand its professional training programme; expand its operations from a new London centre in Bermondsey and launch its first five year strategy and cost benefit analysis of Auditory Verbal therapy.  We are delighted that Claire will join our Advisory Panel and continue to share her personal and professional expertise with the AVUK team.