Ingrid, C.T, Callum and Daniella Herholdt

Callum was diagnosed as deaf as a baby and was fitted with hearing aids at just two months old.

As a completely hearing family it is not something you prepare for. When we first found out we were convinced, it’s the test, it’s the equipment, it wasn’t our boy.

At nine month’s old Callum and his family made their first visit to national charity Auditory Verbal UK which helps deaf babies and children learn to listen and speak.

The initial feeling [when we visited AVUK] was one of relief, that there was someone out there who could help us and that offered achievable outcomes towards our goal of helping Callum to speak.

Within a few months Callum was recognising sounds. His is now five and is thriving at mainstream school.

AVUK has helped us get the best for Callum and for us as a family and that’s more than we could have wished for.

AVUK’s bursary scheme made it a viable option for us and we want to raise £5,000 through our business Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic to help another deaf child access therapy.

We will be holding a series of events over three months from September to November 2019 including a raffle, ‘Ear Week’ – where we will work wearing a giant ear complete with a hearing aid - and our surprise ‘grand finale’ event.

To support us visit Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic, 248 Blackfen Road, Sidcup or donate online. 100% of proceeds from this challenge will go to Auditory Verbal UK.

For more information about Callum’s story click here or watch the video below.

Ingrid, C.T, Callum and Daniella Herholdt