The Silent Child has won the Oscar for the Best Live Action Short Film 2018!

This is an incredible achievement for a short film that provides an important perspective on the issues facing parents when they find out that their child is deaf and we congratulate the producers for shining a spotlight on childhood deafness.

Maisie, the star of the film, knows she can do anything and at Auditory Verbal UK we are passionate about deaf children having the same opportunities in life as their hearing peers.

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with no experience of deafness. It is vitally important that parents know what is possible for their child and have access to the support to enable their children to develop communication in the way that they want. The film focuses on sign language and the need for sign language to be available in schools for those who choose this route. But it is also important that support is in place for those who want their child to be able to listen and talk in the same way that their parents do.

Many people and crucially parents of newly diagnosed deaf children are unaware that a profoundly deaf child CAN learn to listen and speak as well as hearing children. Supporting families from birth and following an initial diagnosis of deafness is key.

Access to information; to hearing technology and specialist support, such as an Auditory Verbal programme, is vital in the critical early years of children’s lives.

The film below captures the story of Bobby and his family after his parents discovered his hearing loss through the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme.