Auditory Verbal therapy (AVT) is about enabling your child to learn to talk through listening. Due to the newborn hearing screening programme, more deaf children are diagnosed at a young age and have access to hearing technology (hearing aids and cochlear implants) earlier. The aim of Auditory Verbal therapy sessions is to give you the tools you need (AV techniques and strategies) to enable you to accelerate your child’s language development.

The therapist works in close partnership with you to ensure that the learning from the session carries over to everyday life at home. The aim is that your child will catch up with his or her hearing peers so that he or she can go on to education and employment with the same expectations and aspirations as everyone else.

What an Auditory Verbal therapy session is like:

  • You are shown how your child can learn to talk through listening by using sound (audition) as the primary sense of learning spoken language.
  • Every session is play based and highly functional in order to be integrated into your family's everyday routine.
  • You are equipped to check and troubleshoot hearing technology to help your child make the best possible use of their hearing technology.
  • All areas of development are carefully monitored to help the therapist evaluate your child's potential to develop spoken language through listening.
  • Goals are set within a developmental framework and progress is closely monitored.

Through the Auditory Verbal approach, your child develops a listening attitude so that paying attention to the sound around them becomes automatic. Hearing and listening become an integral part of communication, play, education and eventually work. The approach is distinctive in the way it makes the most of your child’s use of hearing as the main sense for developing spoken language.

Please click here to find out about the evidence base of Auditory Verbal therapy.

Discovering Auditory Verbal UK was like finding a huge inflatable balloon full of hope, help and real progress. Every time we went to AVUK, we were inspired and had complete confidence that we were in the safest, expert pair of hands.

Avy, father of Kurran who has a profound hearing loss. 

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