If you want your child to learn how to talk through listening, this is the programme that we offer. Below is an outline of what to expect from our Auditory Verbal therapy programme, at either our London or Oxfordshire centre. A typical programme lasts between two and three years. Our programme is also available online for some families who are unable to attend sessions in person. Click here for more information. 

Initial session

This 90-minute session will help us to evaluate your child's listening potential. You will also be given practical strategies to develop his/her listening and speech in the home setting. This is the point where you can decide whether or not to join the programme.

Regular sessions

Sessions are offered on a fortnightly basis and are delivered by a certified Auditory Verbal therapist and/or highly specialist trainee with supervision. A typical programme runs for two to three years. Short and long term goals are set and regularly reviewed and, with your consent, we work closely with other professionals who support your child.

Parent-only sessions

Alongside informal conversations throughout the year, parent-only sessions offer an opportunity to reflect on and discuss your child's progress. We will then create a plan for the next six months. 

Additional support

We also offer additional support throughout the programme in a variety of forms. For more information head to our Parent Support page. 


This is an opportunity to celebrate the completion of your AV programme and all that you and your child have achieved.

Transition to school

This is an additional package to help prepare your child for primary school. Our aim is to transfer the skills acquired by parents to the educational environment. 

When Charlie started at AVUK he had over a two year speech delay, was struggling to make friends and was a very frustrated child.  AVUK transformed his life and Charlie is now flying at school, has age-appropriate speech, lots of friends and plays the violin and piano. We will be forever grateful.

Unsure whether the programme is suitable for your child? Head to our FAQs page for more information or contact us by calling 01869 325000 or email [email protected].

Click here for information on how to join the programme.