Our vision is that all deaf children have the opportunity to listen and speak as equals alongside their hearing peers

Our stories

  • Mia's story

    Mia is a bright, social and determined little girl who has defied all the odds. Mia was born with CHARGE syndrome, a rare genetic condition that can affect different parts of the body; the most common problems are with the hearing, vision, the heart, airways and growth. Read more

  • Joshua's story

    Joshua’s hearing loss was picked up through the newborn screening test at just one day old. Read more

  • Alana's story

    Alana’s hearing loss was identified by the newborn hearing screening. She was born with a moderate-severe loss and received her first set of hearing aids at 3 months old old. Read more

Our impact

  • 80% of children who graduate from AVUK have language skills equivalent to their hearing peers
  • Selin is certainly a credit to you! She is happy and outgoing and many people are unaware of the hearing loss - a real miracle!

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