Our vision is that all deaf children have the same opportunities in life as their hearing peers

Our stories

  • Ava's story

    Ava failed the newborn hearing screening and was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at three weeks of age. Now, at fifteen years old she plays the piano and saxophone. Read more

  • Beatrice's story

    Through the Government’s Newborn Screening Programme Beatrice was diagnosed with a profound bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss. Now at 19 she has a place at university to study midwifery. Read her story in the words of mum, Kate. Read more

  • Kurran's story

    Kurran was born two months premature, in 2003, and quickly fell victim to a severe necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) infection. Now he is flying! Read his story in father Avy's words. Read more

Our impact

  • 80% of children who graduate from AVUK have language skills equivalent to their hearing peers

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