Our vision is that all deaf children have the opportunity to listen and speak as equals alongside their hearing peers

Our stories

  • Joshua's story

    Joshua’s hearing loss was picked up through the newborn screening test at just one day old. Read more

  • Alana's story

    Alana’s hearing loss was identified by the newborn hearing screening. She was born with a moderate-severe loss and received her first set of hearing aids at 3 months old old. Read more

  • Onna's story

    Onna, was born prematurely at 28 weeks, alongside her typically hearing twin sister, Sala. Onna passed her newborn screening. However, by about 10 months old, she had progressively but quickly lost all her hearing. Onna’s hearing loss was initially misdiagnosed but she was finally diagnosed with severe-profound hearing loss and Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder. She received bilateral cochlear implants a month before her third birthday and started the Auditory Verbal UK a few months later. Read more

Our impact

  • 80% of children who graduate from AVUK have language skills equivalent to their hearing peers
  • Selin is certainly a credit to you! She is happy and outgoing and many people are unaware of the hearing loss - a real miracle!

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