Sharing books is a great way of awakening your child’s imagination, developing their language and engaging them in early play. It is a fun and exciting way to engage your little person and can give them a great start to early literacy. 

Below are some suggested ways of how you can use books to help develop a child's listening and spoken language skills. 

Violet's Story by Auditory Verbal UK

Violet's Story is about a little girl who loses her hearing. 

This story is for adults to share with children with hearing loss, their siblings, friends and peers. 

It is a story to listen to and talk about. 

The book is available to buy online. Click here to find out more. 

Baby Talk by Auditory Verbal UK

Auditory Verbal UK have created a book for adults to share with babies to stimulate their brains for listening, language and literacy. The book can be used by both parents and professionals to help children learn to listen, understand and play through simple pictures, words and role play with real life scenarios.

The book is available to buy online. Click here to find out more.

Turning Pages Through the Ages: Engaging Children Through Books

by Frances Clark (LSLS Cert AVT®) and Louise Honck (LSLS Cert AVT®)