As a charity, we believe that every family should be able to access our programme irrespective of their financial circumstances and so we subsidise all of our fees with a bursary scheme funded by our generous supporters. Details about this scheme and fees associated are below. These fees and bursary bands are effective from April 2021. 

Auditory Verbal therapy programme- One Year of Fees and Bursaries

The Auditory Verbal therapy programme at AVUK includes fortnightly therapy sessions, family support, assessments and reports, as well as transition at the end of the programme. To provide this service it costs AVUK £6,825 per family per year. The amount that families are charged depends on household income. The fees below are for UK-based families only. After families have attended their initial session, which costs £100, they can apply for a bursary for the full programme.

Gross household income per year Level of bursary support Regular fortnightly programme Regular monthly programme
Below £13,000 95% £341.25 £170.63
£13,000-£21,999 90% £682.50 £341.25
£22,000-£25,999 85% £1,023.75 £511.88
£26,000-£31,999 80% £1,365.00 £682.50
£32,000-£35,999 70% £2,047.50 £1,023.75
£36,000-£42,999 60% £2,730.00 £1,365.00
£43,000-£49,999 50% £3,412.50 £1,706.25
£50,000-£61,999 40% £4,095.00 £2,047.50
£62,000-£70,999 33% £4,572.75 £2,286.38
£71,000-£80,999 20% £5,460.00 £2,730.00
£81,000-£90,999 15% £5,801.25 £2,900.63
£91,000-£100,999 10% £6,142.50 £2,900.63
£101,000-£110,999 5% £6,483.75 £3,241.88
£111,000-£119,999 3% £6,620.25 £3,310.13
Above £120,000 0% £6,825.00 £3,412.50

For some families it may be appropriate to have monthly rather than fortnightly appointments; the fees for these are also subsidised by bursary funding and charged at half the rate of our regular programme.

Applying for a bursary

  • Read bursary cover letter and download in the bursary application form.
  • Complete bursary form and return to AVUK with the supporting documentation.
  • Please note that bursary awards are re-assessed on an annual basis and the amount of funding available depends on the ongoing support of generous benefactors.
  • All families must have an initial appointment before they can enrol for regular sessions. The fee for this appointment is £100. We regret that bursary funding does not cover initial appointment fees.

Alternative funding options

Some families have been able to secure partial or full funding for their regular appointments from other charitable trusts and organisations based on, for example, their employment, geographic location or specific circumstances of their child.

Some families have received support with funding from their local authority through their Education, Health and Care Plan. Click here to find out more. 

Questions about the AVUK bursary or alternative funding options? Email: [email protected]

Payment plans

Families joining the programme after September of each year will receive a pro rated invoice for that year. Families who leave or whose appointment frequency changes part-way through a year will have their invoice credited accordingly and be reimbursed any overpayment. Please read our payment plans for more information.

Other service costs

Ad Hoc appointment: £180 per session

Report for child not on the programme: £180 - an ad hoc appointment at £180 may also be required in order to produce report.

Fees for non-UK based families

Initial appointment: £315

Ad Hoc appointment: £260

Regular fortnightly programme: £2,275 per term (£6,825 per year)