Here are some fun activity ideas that can be used when working with children under the age of five. They include language tips for helping you to make the most of the language involved in play. 

These activities can be used by Auditory Verbal therapists, speech and language therapists and Teachers of the Deaf as well as parents, grandparents and other family members.

Activity worksheets

Washing animals

Make animal prints and then clean them up.

Making boats

Make a boat and make it float.

Ice excavation activity

Hide small toys in a block of ice for a fun sensory activity.


Make use of the leaves you find outside to make colourful crowns. 


Create spiders out of paper plates. 

Paper plate fans

Stay cool with a homemade fan.

Rocky Road

Little ones will love getting involved in cooking this simple treat in the microwave.

Hot chocolate

Make hot chocolate together for a tasty warming treat.

Bird cookies

Mix together birdseed and coconut oil to make treats for your feathered friends.

Easter activities

Create fun Easter crafts.

Space rocket

Make a rocket with this fun space-themed activity.

Water activity

The aim of this game is to discover whether objects sink or float in water. 

Create your own audiobook

We are encouraging parents, grandparents and other family members, to record an audiobook for their children.  

Watch our video on developing deaf children's language through storytelling