One of the most effective ways to donate to AVUK is through a regular monthly donation. Monthly donations enable us to plan ahead and ensure funds are available when they are needed the most. 

A regular donation, no matter how small, would help more families like Onna's and Mia's. 

“Onna, was born prematurely at 28 weeks, alongside her typically hearing twin sister, Sala. Onna passed her newborn screening. However, by about 10 months old, she had progressively but quickly lost all her hearing. Onna’s was finally diagnosed with severe-profound hearing loss and Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD). She received bilateral cochlear implants a month before her third birthday.

When Onna’s condition was first confirmed, her father and I immediately made the decision to do whatever was necessary to give her the best chance to learn to listen and speak. T

We heard about Auditory Verbal UK through Onna’s teacher of the deaf. After an initial phone call with Emma (who went on to become Onna’s lead therapist), we attended a trial session shortly after Onna’s implants were activated and Onna joined the AVUK programme two months later. 

AVUK’s approach gave us tremendous hope but also a grounding in reality and the tools to give Onna the best chance possible to learn to listen and speak.”

“Mia was born with CHARGE syndrome, a rare genetic condition that can affect different parts of the body; the most common problems are with the hearing, vision, the heart, airways and growth.

In the weeks after her birth we learned that Mia was severely visually impaired, severe to profoundly deaf, had missing balance organs in her inner ear - meaning she would struggle to learn to walk and had problems with her swallowing and breathing. After weeks of being bombarded with long lists of serious medical diagnosis our whole family were in shock. We began to think about what the future held for Mia.

Auditory Verbal UK worked with Mia’s multi-sensory impairment and adapted her therapy to take into account her vision, hearing and balance difficulties. Combining Auditory Verbal therapy with our local speech and language support has really pushed Mia's speech along, closing the gap in her speech delay and getting her ready for mainstream school.”

AVUK helps over 150 deaf babies and children and their families every year. But, we need to do more. Would you consider setting up a regular donation so that we can always be there for children like Onna and Mia?

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