The news that our baby was born deaf was a big shock for us as first time parents.The unknown and the uncertainty of the situation made it a very worrying period of our lives.
I was frantically and relentlessly looking for information when I found out about AVUK.
Once David started his therapy sessions here, we felt like our world had changed.The fortnightly trips to Bicester were long and tiring but well worth it.All the games,songs,books,toys and activities we were taught there made a brilliant impact on David's progress with his speech.
Fast forward ten years, David is now in Year 6, soon to start secondary school, he is bilingual and a confident little boy who loves playing football, spending time with his friends and doing everything that other children of his age do.
We have AVUK to thank for that, while we know sky is the limit for David.
Auditory Verbal Therapy is a charity that believes all deaf babies and children should have the opportunity to listen and speak alongside their hearing peers.
AVUK work closely with the families and produce incredible results for the children with their speech and language.
AVUK are close to my heart and I would love to raise as much money as I can, to help support them in the amazing work they do.
London Landmarks Half Marathon is the first big running event I’m taking part in, wish me luck.😀

Irina Tiselita