I ride motorbikes, lead a team, talk on the phone, listen to the radio and music; you wouldn’t have known I’m deaf! Growing up, my mother went against the grain and encouraged me to communicate verbally. Looking back, I can't thank her enough, communicating verbally has opened many doors for me professionally as well as personally.

I’m passionate about fundraising for Auditory Verbal UK as I want to raise awareness and enable deaf children to grow alongside their hearing peers. I believe it’s important that deaf children are equipped with the tools to communicate effectively as I know first hand that it will vastly increase their confidence, pursue opportunities and increase their potential to do so much more. This skill is not only designed to help them through education, it’s a skill for life.

On the 6th July I will be starting from Land’s End in south Cornwall and finishing at John o'Groats at the top of Scotland. Over about 860 miles in total. To make it even more challenging I will not be using motorways – you heard me right, no motorways! I’ve planned my route and it will take 4 days of continuous riding averaging about 200 miles a day:

PS. The route is subject to change due to weather conditions, road closures and roadworks, although I will make sure to not use motorways!

I will be sharing images of my journey and progress so watch this space!

Emily Karran