Auditory Verbal UK is an important charity for the Mulberry House School and the Sycamore House team because Orson Grimer (Prep 1 Alpha) was diagnosed at birth with moderate-severe deafness. Orson completed the 2.5 year therapy course in September 2018 with a PLS-5 UK language score of 5 years 11 months (this was 15 months ahead of his chronological age at the time).

The Auditory Verbal therapy approach stimulates auditory brain development and enables deaf children with hearing aids and cochlear implants to make sense of the sound relayed by their devices. Deaf children can learn to listen and speak – like their hearing peers, hearing loss is not a learning disability

However not all deaf children are as lucky as Orson because they do not have access to the same opportunities.

75% of deaf children arrive at primary school having NOT achieved a good level of development (2018) and only 53% of deaf children achieved the national standard Key Stage 1 for reading, writing and mathematics (2018)

We want to raise the profile of Auditory Verbal UK and raise money to enable AVUK to reach more families with deaf children who would like the opportunity to listen and speak on par with their hearing peers.

AVUK statistics demonstrates the incredible impact they have. Approximately 80% of children who graduate from AVUK’s Auditory Verbal therapy programme achieve language appropriate for their age (Hogan, Stokes, White, Tyszkiewicz & Woolgar, 2008; Kaipa & Danser, 2016) and 85% of AVUK graduates achieved or exceeded the national standard Key Stage 1 for reading, writing and mathematics (AVUK, 2018)

Join us between 8-9am Friday 15th March in the Hall for our cake bake sale. There'll be cakes in the reception area of the First School too. Happy donating!

Thank you
From the Sycamore team at Mulberry House School and Avril, Martin, Orson and Mei xx

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