Dominic and Shamim Byrne live in Nottinghamshire with their daughter, Sarosha, who was born in 2000:

“There was no hearing screening at birth at that time and we didn’t know Sarosha had a profound bilateral sensorineural loss until she was around nine months old. She got a unilateral cochlear implant at 23 months of age and a second CI just before she was seven. We started auditory verbal therapy (AVT) at about 12 months and continued until Sarosha was nearly four. It’s been fantastic and we’ve got so much to be grateful to AVUK for.

“Outcomes have been really good. Sarosha started school with better than age-appropriate listening and speech. Thanks to AVT and the CI, she had more than closed the gap between her and her hearing peers, and she started at local mainstream primary school without any particular special needs. She’s now in her mid-teens, on course to get good exam results and is beginning to weigh up her university options. AVT didn’t end when we stopped regular sessions. The support and awareness it gave us has meant we’ve been well-equipped to help Sarosha get the listening environment she needs throughout education”.