Travelling to our centres (based in London and Oxfordshire) can be difficult for some, especially if you have no transport or live far away. That is why our Auditory Verbal therapy sessions are also available online via telepractice.

Research has shown that children with hearing loss who, together with their parents, receive telepractice sessions perform at least as well in multiple measures of language outcomes as those who receive in-person sessions.

Telepractice had been used at AVUK for more than a decade when the global pandemic of the COVID-19 began in early 2020, and the social restrictions imposed, families at AVUK received therapy via telepractice. An audit of their experiences with telepractice found that approximately 80% of parents felt their child was making good progress with telepractice sessions, while 89% of therapists felt that telepractice sessions were equally or more effective than in-person sessions. Additionally, 85% of parents opted to continue with their Auditory Verbal sessions solely via telepractice or a blend of telepractice and in-person sessions.

We continue to see families in person, via telepractice, and as part of a blended programme of both in-person and telepractice sessions.

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