The Auditory Verbal approach is diagnostic – this means that within each session, the AV therapist will be listening and watching with you as the child’s parent/carer, to evaluate the goals and expectations that were set for you and your child. Therapy goals are then tailored based on the needs of the family and the child.

When a family first join the programme, they are advised that there will be a diagnostic period when the questions above can be addressed in detail. If, after this period, the joint conclusions of the family and the therapist is that the approach is enabling the child to listen and learn, then the child’s individualised programme will continue with on-going monitoring and review.

If the programme is not working for you and your child, we think with you about the possible reasons and make a plan for what needs to happen next. We actively support families to find the most appropriate communication approach for their child and the best means of supporting your child’s learning at the earliest possible time.