My name is Maxwell Stroemer and in July of 2000, I was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss. I am a high school student at the Zurich International School,  serving as President of the Student Council and acting as the Co-Captain for the Debate Team. Being deaf, I value the power of public speaking as a means to inspire. Moreover, I am fascinated by History and Politics and will welcome any conversation on current events. I also enjoy alpine skiing and playing rugby.

My time with AVUK started at age two and I am grateful for the developmental support that this organisation provided me with; particularly from the late Jaqueline Stokes. 

When I ask myself what life would be like had I been born without my disability, I have never once resented the fact that I am deaf. I believe that those who embrace their challenges and disabilities have an edge on life because they are able to see, feel and sense things that others simply aren’t. This understanding has empowered me and given me the very courage to write and share my story with audiences and interested readers. As I said in a TED Talk that I delivered at a symposium in Zurich during March of 2017, “everyone has their own type of hearing impairment and if they’re lucky, they’ll have their own type of hearing aid too.”

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