Katie McKenna graduated from our program on 11/01/16.  She has a diagnosis for Connexin 26 and had bilateral HA’s fitted whenIMG_4913 cropped she was 5 weeks old.  She started AVT with us in October 2012 when she was 1 y 2 m old.  The family flew over once a month until we launched the Belfast project where they received a combination of Skype appointments and home visits.  Katie was ‘switched on’ with bilateral CI’s in June 2014 when she was 2 years 10 months.  Her final PLS was on graduation, when she was 4 years 5 months.  She came out with a language age of 6 years 4 months, and she is just a phenomenal listener, speaker and communicator with a good Theory of Mind and a love for stories and books!

On the family’s request we visited a Northern Ireland Parent group in April 2013.  In May 2014, with the help of Abbie and Martin McKenna and the parent group (The Hearing Hub), we launched the Belfast Project.  As a consequence we were put in touch with Lorraine Murphy from ONE (the parent group in the Republic of Ireland) and we are currently delivering our Training Package Part 1 in Dublin as a direct consequence!

This is such a phenomenal story of a family putting in everything and having high expectations, not just for their little girl but also for services across the UK, with the consequences of reaching families and professionals across Europe!


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