Just a few days after World Hearing Day 2024, on Sunday 3 March, is the UK Government’s Spring Budget (6 March 2024) and young deaf people and their families are joining AVUK calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, to deliver the investment needed to enable all families of deaf children the opportunity to access Auditory Verbal therapy in the UK.

Sign our letter to the Chancellor.

The public investment, of just over £2 million a year for next 10 years, will support the training of a small proportion of the current public sector workforce of speech and language therapists, teachers of the deaf and audiologists in the Auditory Verbal approach, whilst supporting the most vulnerable deaf children directly.

Deaf children like 11-year-old Sam Callaghan from Eastbourne, who was diagnosed as profoundly deaf as a baby and learnt to listen and talk with Auditory Verbal therapy.



Also joining the calls to #HearUsNow is 16-year-old Jasper from Surrey, 7-year-old Imuujin and 9-year-old Mia. 




At present more than 90% of deaf children in the UK who could benefit from Auditory Verbal therapy are unable to access it. This needs to change. 

Join us asking Jeremy Hunt and the Government to end the current postcode lottery for accessing Auditory Verbal therapy via publicly funded services. You can read our full letter here and sign it here.