Ava's story

Ava failed the newborn hearing screening and was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at three weeks of age. Now, at ten years old she plays the piano and saxophone.Read more

Jessie's story

My name is Jessica Olliver and I’m 16 years old. I am an AVUK graduate and very pleased to be part of this wonderful organisation.Read more

Sam's story

We are Joanna and Andrew Callaghan. And this is the story of, our son, Sam.Read more

Isobel's story

Isobel was born in December 2014. Through the newborn hearing screening programme, Isobel was diagnosed with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Isobel and her parents started their auditory verbal journey just over six months ago, and here her mother Selena shares her story so far…Read more

Mia's story

Mia is about to celebrate her 5th birthday; she is a bright, social and determined little girl who has defied all the odds. Mia was born with CHARGE syndrome, a rare genetic condition that can affect different parts of the body; the most common problems are with the hearing, vision, the heart, airways and growth.Read more

Deaf children listening and talking

A small selection of videos showing the incredible achievements of some of our graduates.Read more

Videos: Parents' perspective

A few short interviews with some parents of AVUK graduates.Read more

Eisa's story

Eisa suffered from meningitis shortly after he was born which left him with a profound hearing loss. Now he's a confident young boy with lots of friends. Read his story in the words of his mother, Azra.Read more

Beatrice's story

Through the Government’s Newborn Screening Programme Beatrice was diagnosed with a profound bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss. Now at 12 years old she has aspirations just like her hearing peers. Read her story in the words of mum, Kate.Read more

Zack and Dylan's story

Zack and Dylan were both born profoundly deaf and were bilaterally implanted at age 6 months. Now they both speak fluently in both English and Italian. Read their story here.Read more