Callum had an abnormal response to the newborn hearing test. He had mild to moderate hearing loss and was fitted with hearing aids at two months old. As he got older his hearing loss became mild to severe.

When we got the diagnosis I looked for every other possible reason. As a completely hearing family it is not something you prepare for. You tell yourself, the test is wrong, that person is wrong – you desperately search for a different reason. My main question was, would Callum ever be happy?

I wanted to bury my head in the sand but my husband CT started looking for options.

He met one of the therapists from AVUK at the deaf expo in Maidstone when Callum was six months old and said ‘this could be for us’.

We started visiting AVUK when Callum was nine months old. Within a few months Callum was recognising sounds. His is now four and is thriving at mainstream school.

A real pleasure for me is seeing Callum communicate with his little sister Daniella, aged two. Without being able to hear and without the language skills that would be so much more difficult for both of them.

Working with AVUK has been a lifeline to us, the work has been amazing and the best thing is the confidence they give parents to take the skills home so we know exactly how to help him. It’s amazing.

- Ingrid, Callum’s mum