For professionals

We are delighted to have supported over 700 professionals who have taken part in our recent online sessions, which have included weekend and evening dates to allow as many people as possible to attend.

We have lots of training opportunities for speech and language therapists, teachers of the deaf and audiologists. These webinars will be taking place from September 2020 - February 2021 and will be hosted by an LSLS (Cert) Auditory Verbal therapist. With sessions on parent-coaching, and developing humour, you'll be sure to come away with some new and exciting techniques and theory to use in your practice. Due to popular demand, we have also added an extra date for our Foundation course in April 2021. Find out more about our courses and webinars here.

Families interested in finding our more about Auditory Verbal therapy

We are delighted that so many families have joined our free Q and A sessions with our Auditory Verbal Therapists. These online sessions provide the opportunity for families to find out more about our Auditory Verbal UK programme and the development of listening and spoken language. Our next online session is taking place on 25th November at 8pm. Find out more here.

Families on the programme

We are delighted to announce an evening for parents on Thursday 19th November. If you are a parent of a pre-school child and are beginning to wonder about what to expect when they start school this event is for you! The evening is open to any family who has been, or is currently, on the programme at Auditory Verbal UK, although it will be most useful to those with pre-school children. Find out more here.

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