The Auditory Verbal approach is known across the globe. The Alexandra Graham (AG) Bell Academy is the accrediting body for certification to practice as a Listening and Spoken Language Auditory Verbal practitioner. In 2017, the AG Bell Global Matters Committee was established with the main purpose of supporting professionals globally who are interested in enhancing their listening and spoken language knowledge and practice for the benefit deaf children around the world. AVUK trains speech and language therapists, audiologists and teachers of the deaf from nations around the world. AVUK has trained professionals in more than 200 different countries. 

Multilingual deaf children


AVUK signposted some of the multilingual families on our AV programme to participate in a research project conducted by Emily Wright in 2021-2022 from the University of Reading. One aspect of the study examined the beliefs of professionals on the ability of a deaf child to acquire two spoken languages and the advice professionals give to parents considering spoken language bilingualism for their deaf child. In an evolution of practice over the last decade, most participants believed deaf children can achieve spoken language bilingualism and would advise parents to speak in their home language, regardless of the parents’ English proficiency. This is supported by evidence from families attending AVUK36,63,64.


Lola’s story


“Having that intensive input during that important window of opportunity to develop language means we are now in a place we never thought we would be and couldn’t have achieved without AVUK. Lola is bilingual French and English and starting to learn Spanish. She loves music and dancing, is confident, has a great sense of humour and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.” - Lola's Mum, Gina.