Leah was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf at 9 months of age - she was born a few months before the Newborn Hearing Screening was started.  Parents Aron and Deena were terribly worried about Leah's ability to access speech, but after the first few appointments at AVUK with Elizabeth and Jacqueline, they were hopeful of a bright future for Leah.

Leah was fitted with her first cochlear implant at 22 months, and the second one shortly before her fourth birthday.  With incredible support from AVUK, Leah learned to speak clearly and to be a good listener.  

Leah is now 13 years old and the oldest of five children, three brothers and a sister.  She is a happy, chatty and fun-loving and is well integrated into the mainstream school system with LSA support where necessary.

The Bamberger family live in North West London. If you would like to speak to Deena about her experience, please email [email protected].