Elizabeth TyszkiewiczI certified as an Auditory Verbal Therapist (AVT) in 2000, and was involved in the founding of AVUK with Jacqueline Stokes in 2003. My last job, at Midlands Hearing Implant Programme, involved an active caseload of children, who were cochlear implant, hearing aid, or bone-anchored hearing aid users, and their families. I also worked with their support teams, providing training, information, demonstrations, and ongoing collaboration. The job involved a range of training and mentoring activities, as well as presentations at relevant national and international meetings.

The caseload at Birmingham Children’s Hospital was very diverse, and I have a particular interest in making Auditory Verbal therapy as accessible and inclusive for as many people as possible. The other area I am keen to focus on is training and professional development, so that the skills of teams supporting children who use hearing technology keep up with the ever-increasing opportunities it provides.  

My activities since I left my full-time position at Birmingham Children’s Hospital have included delivering training, mentoring individual professionals, and providing consultancy services in the UK, as well as in Spain, Finland and France.