Clinical Scientist (Audiology), DPhil, PgDip Auditory Verbal Therapy, LSLS Cert AVT®  

Sarah was awarded her MSc in Audiology from University of Southampton in 1985. She started her career as a paediatric audiologist within the NHS and moved to the Welsh Hearing Institute to collaborate on applied research for both paediatric and adult populations. She conducted longitudinal, prospective research into the development of binaural hearing in children for her doctorate at the University Laboratory of Physiology in Oxford. She was the first Clinical Director of The Burwood Centre, an independent assessment centre for children with permanent hearing loss. Sarah lectured on the BSc Audiology at Aston University prior to joining AVUK.

Sarah joined AVUK in 2006 as our Research Coordinator and was mentored towards certification, qualifying as an LSLS Cert AVT® in 2012. Sarah coordinates the development of our evidence base through research as well as working directly with families on our programme. She delivers training on various AVUK programmes and presents at national and international conferences. Sarah has several publications in peer reviewed journals and has recently co-authored book chapters with colleagues including, Stacey Lim LSLS Cert AVT; Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz LSLS Cert AVT; Kathryn Ritter LSLS Cert AVT, Denise Hayward and Noel Kenely LSLS Cert AVT; and Ellie Goldblatt and Anita Grover.

Sarah works Monday-Thursday 08.30-16.00 at our Oxfordshire centre and remotely. 

Email: [email protected]