When families contact us to find out more about our programme, whether that is in person, by phone, email or our website, we will take some contact information in order to process their enquiry.  We will also record some basic information about their child’s medical and hearing history so that we can advise whether or not an initial appointment would be appropriate.

At the initial appointment families may be asked to provide further information about their child’s hearing history along with contact details for their local team, ie speech and language therapist, teacher of the deaf and audiologist.

We will keep all of this information in a clinical database built securely and with restricted access in the SalesForce platform.

If the family decides not to join our programme their child’s clinical file will be destroyed 12 months’ after their last contact with us.  At the same time the information on the clinical database will be anonymised and only used for statistical purposes.

When families join our programme we will hold information about them and their child on our databases and on the child’s clinical file.  We will only share information with third parties where we have the parents’/legal guardian’s consent to do so, unless there is a safeguarding issue, in which case our safeguarding policy will take precedence.

Any financial information we collect as part of providing our service to families, for example bank details, payment history, bursary applications and awards, are kept separately from the clinical data, on our accounts systems.

Parents on our programme are automatically subscribed to receive our newsletter and will have the opportunity to opt in to additional mailing lists and our closed Facebook group for families.  Parents can unsubscribe or change their preferences at any time.