BSc (Hons) SLT, Cert MRCSLT, PgDip Auditory Verbal Therapy, LSLS Cert. AVT®

Susannah is a listening and spoken language specialist, certified Auditory Verbal therapist. She is currently working at our Oxfordshire centre, with time spent in clinical work with families and in training therapists. Susannah trained to be a speech and language therapist at De Montfort University and completed her postgraduate diploma in Auditory Verbal Therapy at Aston University. She was mentored towards LSLS CertAVT® by Jacqueline Stokes, Donna Sperandio, Rosemary Richardson and Catherine White whilst working at Auditory Verbal UK.

Susannah has specialised in delivering therapy to children with hearing loss since qualifying, and since 2011 as a certified auditory verbal therapist. Susannah is involved in delivering training and mentoring to professionals and works with babies, pre-school and some older children with varying degrees of hearing loss and language levels as well as additional needs such as ASD and Down’s Syndrome.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Susie Avuk