My name is James Curtis. I was born profoundly deaf, but it was not until I was 8 months old that my parents discovered my hearing impairment. Luckily, thanks to the amazing work of the team at Auditory Verbal UK and my mum’s tenacity and determination for me to speak, I speak as well as any of my friends. If anything, I speak too much! 

Thanks to my hearing technology, focused Auditory Verbal Therapy (which, might I add, was a lot of fun!), and the superb efforts of my parents who never stopped believing that I could achieve as much as any other child, I am incredibly happy, fulfilled and can communicate with whomever I choose, even (very basically) in two other languages and on the phone.

I am now studying History at Durham University.

James is from north London. If you would like to speak to James, please email [email protected]

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