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Help deaf children to get an equal start in life – wear a loud shirt and donate to Auditory Verbal UK this October

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Loud Shirt Day - 20 October 2023

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Our son Hugo was born with sensorineural bilateral hearing loss. For the hearing family it was a shock to us and the first 6 months had been really tough to accept the fact that our son won’t be able to hear our voices, birds chirping, waves, music and a lot of other sounds we are so used to and sometimes take for granted on a daily basis. We thought he wouldn’t speak, he wouldn’t have friends and he would be very shy, reserved and timid. How wrong were we!
We came across AVUK when Hugo was 18months old. We joined their program and it was the best decision we ever made for Hugo. AVUK makes you realise that it is possible for children with hearing loss to listen and speak alongside their hearing pears. AVUK could a life hanging therapy for deaf children.
We would like more people to know that support for deaf children is there and their future could be as bright as you want it for them to be!

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