Our CEO Anita Grover, and three of our LSLS Cert. Auditory Verbal Therapists Frances, Louise and Susie, are currently in Colorado for the AG Bell convention on listening and spoken language. We will be giving daily updates on the conference throughout.

Day One:

After arriving in a flash flood, our first day in Denver was spent preparing for our presentations and catching some sun and sights on our downtime.  Frances and Louise were able to do a full run through of their presentation on book sharing to a delegate from LA who is unable to make their session on Saturday and we met with some of the AG Bell team at registration. The conference gets fully underway today with pre-convention workshops – when Frances will be running a three hour workshop with Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz on theory of mind in day to day therapy.  We are all looking forward to meeting up with colleagues from around the globe and will be representing the UK at the international reception hosted by the CEO of AG Bell, Emilio Alonso-Mendoza.

Written by Anita Grover, CEO