Latest evidence on Auditory Verbal therapy published

Each year we publish a position paper which brings together the international evidence for the effectiveness of Auditory Verbal therapy. Auditory Verbal therapy is a method for supporting families who want their child to listen and talk. Its focus is on equipping parents with the skills and strategies to develop their child’s spoken language through listening. It maximises the use of hearing technology, such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. This enables them to become competent listeners and have clear spoken language. Most attend mainstream schools. 

The paper is written by our research team, and it explores the current picture of deafness in the UK, and how Auditory Verbal therapy is helping to improve children's outcomes.

The paper also demonstrates the international picture, and explains that in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, Auditory Verbal therapy is a mainstream option for most families.

Research and evidence is a key element of our work at Auditory Verbal UK. Parents need to be able to access peer-reviewed evidence on difference approaches that are available. Our annual position paper brings together the most recent evidence from around the world on Auditory Verbal practice.

The full paper is available here in the link below.