Auditory Verbal UK stars in the October BBC Lifeline Appeal presented by Radio Two DJ Sara Cox.

The BBC Lifeline appeal is a 10 minute programme that airs once a month to highlight the important and life-changing work of a chosen charity.

Families and therapists who work with Auditory Verbal UK share their incredible and heartwarming stories in the film. It will showcases the amazing work Auditory Verbal UK does to help families of deaf children who want to see their child listen and speak alongside their hearing peers and highlight the importance of raising expectations for deaf children.

The BBC Lifeline appeal initially aired on BBC One on Sunday October 14 at 3.35pm. It will be repeated on BBC Two at 1pm on Wednesday October 17 and is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Visit the BBC's website for more information about the appeal. 

Please share this happy news with family and friends as the more people who tune in, the more support Auditory Verbal UK will receive. Keep an eye out for updates on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #BBCLifeline. Search for us on Twitter @AuditoryVerbal and like us on Facebook at

Thank you for your support. 

Behind the scenes

Eight year old Hope being filmed near her home for the appeal

Four year old Mia and her mum Rayan being filmed at their home for the BBC Appeal

Fifteen year old Kurran and his sister Demi making a cake at their home