We’re very excited to have started a new project in Malta! Similar to our Dublin project, we will be delivering training in auditory practice to hearing impairment professionals, alongside providing auditory verbal therapy to six families of deaf children.

We’re lucky to have our very own Maltese auditory verbal therapy intern at AVUK, Noel, who will be delivering the project alongside LSLS certified AVT Louise.

The first trip took place in November. Noel shared his highlights:

Auditory Verbal Therapy Cochlear Implants Malta

“Maltese people are known for their warmth and friendliness and we were made to feel very welcome by all the families and professionals that we met on our first visit.

On our arrival at Mater Dei Hospital, after a few stressful minutes with parking, we were greeted by Jackie Busuttil, a senior speech and language therapist who is a specialist in the habilitation of children with cochlear implants. Jackie kindly offered her support throughout the visit and it was a pleasure being able to work alongside her whilst seeing the families. Jackie is very familiar with AVT, having worked in the past with both Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz and our very own Catherine White.

In the short time we were in Malta we had the honour of meeting several key people who work with deaf children, and it was striking how every person was very clear about the outcomes they were hoping would come out of this project: strong language skills for deaf children.”

The project has been organised thanks to be dedication of the Maltese families. We’re really looking forward to the rest of this project and seeing the development of the children’s listening and language skills.

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