At the beginning of this term AVUK graduate Alice was made head girl of her school.

Alice as head girlAt 12 months old, Alice suffered from pneumococcal meningitis which left her with a profound hearing loss in both ears. By 18 months Alice received bilateral cochlear implants and started AVT with therapist Catherine shortly after.

But Alice’s achievements do not stop at being head girl. She is also the captain of the netball team and is on the school sports council. Alice is thriving at school and making great progress both academically and on the sports field. Alice’s dad Nick told us, ‘She has a big circle of friends and is part of every discussion. Never shy to voice her opinions, she has amazing self confidence and we are convinced that her work with AV has helped her immeasurably in becoming the confident child she is today.’

She has the advantage of relatively small class sizes (around 20 in the class), has no additional support with the exception of the radio aid which she uses at school assembly and sometimes in class.

Outside school she enjoys gymnastics and trains for competitions up to 9 hours a week!

On becoming head girl she says ‘I am really pleased to be chosen, I really hope I can help the other children across the school, in everything they do. I really enjoy Kingscourt and want to make the most of my last year before heading to senior school’.