Lauren graduated from AVUK in 2012 with excellent listening and language skills. Since starting school, Lauren has gone from strength to strength and is thriving in a mainstream school. Lauren also has a number of hobbies. But there’s one that she is exceptionally talented in – acting.

Lauren is nine years old, and has already been in a number of TV shows including The Great Christmas Toy Giveaway with Myleene Klass. Now, Lauren is starring in a hit CBBC show called Rocket’s Island.

Rocket’s Island is about a character called Rocket, and the adventures on his family’s farm. Lauren plays a character called Izzy Wizzy, a very bubbly girl that Rocket’s parents have fostered.

We will bring you more information from Lauren as the series progresses!

Image copyright of the BBC

Image copyright of the BBC

Lauren has appeared in episode seveneight and nine so far of series three. You can access the episodes here

You can catch the series on the CBBC channel at 4.30pm on Mondays.