From 28-30 June 2018, we attended the AG Bell Convention “Pioneering Progress, Igniting Innovation” in Scottsdale, Arizona. The AG Bell Convention is organised to bring together listening and spoken language colleagues from around the world to connect and learn from each other, as well as families of deaf children.

We were joined by AVUK’s Young Ambassador, James Curtis, who talked to attendees from around the world about his new international network Sound Futures. This peer-to-peer network is currently being developed by 17 year old James, and the website will be launched later this year. If you would like to find out more about this network, please get in touch.

17 year old James presenting at the convention

Senior Auditory Verbal therapist Frances Clark presented on encouraging creativity in young deaf children. The presentation was called “Spark the Ignition. Innovating Narratives”. It explored how play, executive functioning and narrative can help to promote creativity. Of the convention, Frances said:

I had the honour of presenting an hour’s session to an interactive and inspiring international audience. I left the conference feeling inspired and with a spring in my professional step.

LSLS Cert. AVT Frances Clark before and during her presentation

We also launched our new book, Violet’s Story, at the convention. This book is about a young child called Violet who loses her hearing. The book was written for parents, carers and professionals to share with children.  It is available to purchase here.

Our stand selling our new book Violet's Story