We were thrilled to be at the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) conference this weekend along with many inspiring colleagues working in the field of hearing impairment.

The conference, titled ‘Positive Futures in deaf education – optimising outcomes’ was hosted in conjunction with The University of Manchester and the Ear Foundation.

Three of our clinicians were honoured to present at the conference, information on their talks are below:

The lasting impact of a positive start

Research Coordinator and Auditory Verbal Therapist, Dr Sarah Hogan, gave a presentation called ‘The Lasting Impact of a Positive Start’ which included a review of the Key Stage 1 educational outcomes in Reading, Writing and Mathematics of children whose families had promoted listening as part of their auditory verbal approach to communication.  


Six stages from initial diagnosis to self-advocacy: the parent journey

Teacher of the Deaf, Karen Gazeley, and Senior Auditory Verbal Therapist, Louise Ashton, presented on the ‘Parent Journey’. This presentation reflects the journey from discovering their child has a hearing loss to becoming a confident coach of their child’s self-advocacy. This model was developed by our founder, Jacqueline Stokes, who was passionate about how parental engagement is central to the success of the auditory verbal approach.


Turning pages: accelerating progress and advancing opportunity through book sharing

Senior Auditory Verbal Therapist Louise Ashton gave a presentation on the opportunities that book sharing provides for accelerating progress and advancing opportunity. This presentation was developed by Louise and Auditory Verbal Therapist Frances Clark for the AGBell Convention in 2016.

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