Camilla has recently qualified as a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) Auditory Verbal therapist.

Camilla who works at the Audiology Clinic, University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark described her journey: “I started my training to become a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist with AUVK back in 2018. Sarah Hogan who has been my mentor, supported me in all the right ways and pushed me to become a better therapist. She has been a big inspiration and it has been such a privilege to learn from her. It has also been a gift to be a part of the talented team in our audiology department. I am grateful for the learning I have with my colleagues in Aarhus.”

Camilla also said how it had been a big privilege supporting the families she has been working with during her training. She said: “My learning at AVUK has helped me gain the skills to help children with hearing loss to reach their full potential.”

Camilla Bennick Slynge

Shortly after passing her exam, Camilla’s team were able to share the results of implementing Auditory Verbal therapy in Aarhus, Denmark for the families they supported. In 2022, following a successful government-funded 3-year pilot programme, Auditory Verbal therapy became part of the standard healthcare system in Denmark. Evaluation of the pilot showed that 84% of the children acquire age-equivalent spoken language after 3 years of Auditory Verbal therapy.

Camilla said: “I am proud of the positive experiences in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen that have contributed to the evidence base and has persuaded the Danish government to fund Auditory Verbal intervention for all families who wish to adopt this approach.”

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