British racing driver Duncan Tappy has been spending quality time at home with his “boys” including three-year-old Cole who was diagnosed as deaf at his newborn hearing check.

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that Duncan has been at home in Frimley, Surrey, with Cole, his older brother George (6) and wife Lori for the longest time since they were born. He will soon be back on the racing circuit where he will be sporting the Auditory Verbal UK logo on his kit.

“The shock of finding out Cole had hearing loss was devastating but after finding AVUK and seeing how other children had advanced we knew everything was going to be OK,” he said.

 “Cole has taken everything in his stride and we don’t speak to him or treat him any differently. The help from AVUK has just been amazing and I am so incredibly proud of Cole and George. They are just my boys!”

Mum Lori explained: “We felt like our world had been turned upside down. I came across Auditory Verbal UK very early and we came along when Cole was just four months old. I know it sounds dramatic but finding AVUK was truly life-changing. They have supported us in such a wonderful way and answered all our questions – and I can tell you we’ve had a lot.”

Lori said: ”Now Cole’s speech is just phenomenal. It has taken a lot of effort and support but it has been worth it and now we want to recognise the work that AVUK have done and the support they have given.”

“Although it has been an uncertain time with racing cancelled it has been wonderful to have Duncan at home and the boys can’t wait to help him celebrate Father’s Day,” Lori added. “They idolise their Dad and often talk about being racing drivers like him– we aren’t so sure though!”

The AVUK logo will be clear to see on Duncan's race kit for this season’s rearranged European Le Mans series which kicks off in the South of France in July.

“The charity is so close to our heart and it will be a very proud moment to see Duncan wearing the logo when he races this year,” Lori added.

Cole and his big brother George (6) are proud supporters of their Dad and love watching his races on television.

They are also very close siblings and George is especially protective of his brother. Lori said: “He tells people that Cole’s ear were quiet when he was born and he needs to wearing hearing aids to help, just like some people need to wear glasses.”

Duncan explained: "Cole much prefers having his hearing aids in. He always comes in first as soon as he gets up asking for them."

Lockdown has offered Duncan an unusual amount of time at home with the family which he has loved spending time with his "boys".

He describes Cole as very "stubborn" who isn't phased by anything. The time together has meant lots of activities including Cole learning to ride his balance bike and practise lots of skids!

George shows more sign of wanting to follow in his Dad's footsteps which Duncan is unsure of whereas Cole is currently keen on golf.

Whatever they choose it is obvious that Daddy Duncan is and will always be very proud