On International Cochlear Implant day we are delighted to announce the launch of the Cochlear Implant International Community of Action – a new and innovative community of organisations, individuals and experts sharing the vision of increasing access to cochlear implants, and lifelong support for those who benefit from them. Auditory Verbal UK is one of the founding members, along with the European Association of Cochlear Implant Users Group and the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in the USA to name just a few.

In bringing together Cochlear Implant advocacy groups and Cochlear Implant users from around the world, it is CIICA’s mission to:

  • “Increase access to the provision of CI and lifelong services globally”.
  • “Develop a global community of CI advocacy groups, with opportunities to share activities and resources and collaborate to strengthen the user and family voice”.
  • Provide CI advocates with the tools for change they need to increase access to CI services”.

AVUK Chief Executive, Anita Grover who is a Cochlear Implant User herself had this to say: “AVUK is proud to be part of CIICA, a new and innovative global network to improve access to cochlear implants and lifelong support for those who can benefit from them. The network will be key in sharing knowledge and resources, as well as advocating for  ongoing support for the beneficiaries of CI technology around the world”. 

With the launch of CIICA comes a brand new website giving access to a global community of resources, events, and conversations around the world. You can check out the website for yourself here.