Jodie Ounsley (19) from Dewsbury, was born premature and subsequent illness and treatment meant she has been profoundly deaf her whole life but it has certainly not held her back and she wants all deaf children to know they can achieve their goals.

She has given her backing to Auditory Verbal UK's #LoudShirtDay which takes place on October 23rd with Jodie’s “Sporting Challenge”.

And anyone worried about taking on the challenge should heed Jodie’s advice: “My biggest piece of advice is just to GO FOR IT and don’t hold back! Don’t ever see your deafness as a barrier or allow it to hinder you from achieving your dreams. Yes, hearing loss definitely has its struggles and challenges but use that as a motive to push forward and prove to everyone and yourself that you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. Just be proud of who you are, you’re special for a reason…embrace it!”

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