Here at Auditory Verbal UK we use Ling sounds to check what children can hear. The Ling sounds were devised by Daniel Ling who was a foremost authority on the teaching of speech to deaf children. The Ling sounds are six sounds ‘m’, ‘oo’, ‘ah’, ‘ee’, ‘sh’ and ‘s’ that represent all the sounds required to learn language. When children are first starting to learn to listen we use toys to represent the six sounds. Children demonstrate their understanding by selecting the toys through listening during play activities. The toys are used to practise these techniques at home.

Some examples of Ling toys include:
‘m’ – spoon, ice-cream
‘oo’ – train, ghost, monkey
‘ah’ – airplane, crocodile
‘ee’ – mouse, monkey
‘sh’ – baby
‘s’ - snake

This year we are asking families who no longer need their toys to donate them to another family who may not be able to buy them new.

A donation box will be placed in the reception area of our London and Bicester centres for anyone wishing to donate.

For more information email [email protected] or call 01689 325000