Kirsten AdbergKirsten qualified as a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) Auditory Verbal therapist in 2022.

Kirsten who works as an Audiologist at the Audiology Clinic, University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark described her journey: “In 2017 I began my training with Auditory Verbal UK to become a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist; first by taking part in the Foundation Course followed by enrolment in the Advanced Course.

During both courses, Senior Auditory Verbal therapist Sarah Hogan has been my mentor and I owe her huge thanks for the way she has helped me developing my guiding and coaching skills. I'm so proud when the parents I work with become able to observe and reflect about how they help their child to think, communicate and learn by using their hearing as the primary sensory modality in developing listening and spoken language.

It has been great for me to take this certification route with my colleagues. To have been a part of AVUK's highly qualified training program feels like a seal of approval and I can only recommend it for someone who wants to sit the exam; the podcasts and webinars cover all 9 domains of knowledge for the LSLS certification. I had great support from AVUK.”

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